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Fiber OWL 4 BOLT Optical Power Meter with Length Tester

by OWL
The OWL Beaming Optical Length Tester, Tone Generator from Computer Cable Store™ is a highly accurate hand-held optical power meter, capable of performing a wide range of functions from simple optical power and loss measurements to standards-based link certification. Read More
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The Fiber OWL 4 is a high accuracy, high resolution, microprocessor controlled optical power meter. It has an attractive handheld case made from high impact plastic, a large, backlit, graphic, liquid crystal display, and 18-key keypad for easy data entry. The universal port accepts 2.5mm connectors, such as ST, SC, and FC, and also comes with a 1.25mm universal port, which can accept LC, MU, and other SFF connectors. It will operate for over 100 hours on a standard alkaline 9v battery and has built-in auto shutdown. A length testing light source comes standard for fiber optic link length measurements.

The Fiber OWL 4 includes a built-in link wizard that easily calculates the allowable loss for the fiber runs being measuring. The meter stores physical fiber information for up to eight links. Link information includes: link name, date, fiber type, fiber length, connectors, splices, temperature, cabling standard, and calculated or entered reference power values for two wavelengths.

In addition the meter will store up to 1000 measured data points with labels. Each value includes the fiber type and link. The stored information can be selectively viewed, edited (measured again), printed, or deleted. All of the stored data can be downloaded through the USB port to our free OWL Reporter software.

  • 6 100% transformer block compatible, flexible outlets
  • Premium surge protection (1080 joules to 3240 joules)
  • Ultra-MOV™ technology
  • 330V clamping
  • Complete connectivity protection for dial-up, DSL or coaxial cable
  • High dollar value Limited Connected Equipment Warranties ($200,00 - $500,000)
  • PureStream™ EMI/RFI noise filters (40dB)
  • TripWire™ Circuit catastrophic event protection
  • Blue LED power indicator
  • Lifetime manufacturer warranty
  • Extra-long power cord (6™ 8™)
  • Rubber feet and mounting holes
  • 360 degree rotating flat profile plug
  • More powerful PureStream™ filter (58dB)
  • Neon glowing female plugs for increased visibility
  • Audible alarm
Products specifications
ManufacturerOptical Wavelength Laboratories, Inc.
Accuracy± 0.15 dB
Battery Life100 hours (9V)
Caliibrated Wavelengths850, 980, 1300, 1310, 1490, 1550, 1625
Connector Type2.5mm/1.25mm universal
Data StorageUp to 1000 data points
Detector TypeInGaAs
Dimension3.48 x 6.48 x 1.1 inches (88.39 x 164.59 x 27.94 mm)
Display Resolution0.01 dB
Display TypeBacklit Graphical LCD
Displayed Measurement UnitsdBm, dBm mW, μW, nW
Length Measurement Accuracy± 2.5 meters (8.2021 ft.)
Length Measurement Range25 km (15.5343 miles)
Measurement Range+5 to -70 dBm
Modes of OperationSimple, Certification
Operating Temperature-10°C to 55°C (14°F to 131°F)
Storage Temperature-30°C to 70°C (-22°F to 158 °F)
Weight (Lbs)2.00
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