Networx™ Announces Partnership with Computer Cable Store™

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Networx™ is a connectivity cable manufacturing company that strives to provide unparalleled quality in the connectivity cables market. Networx™ maintains its promise of quality to the customer by ensuring that only top quality components are used in the manufacturing of their products. Now with ComputerCableStore™ taking care of their online presence, Networx™ can serve this unmatchable service on a larger scale.

With the announcement of their affiliation with, Networx™ is setting the online marketplace on fire. Now people can order network cables, adapters and converters directly from their online website easily by entering ComputerCableStore™ in their address bar. The leading brand in computer cables has made it as easy as that. will house all the products of Networx™.

Many manufacturers are using copper clad aluminum as a resource to make the patch cables. This reduces various properties of a licensed and verified cable. Networx™ avoids this by ensuring that only the highest quality; original components are used for manufacturing the devices.

ComputerCableStore™ has a huge online presence and stands on a ground of its own. Networx™ provides the customer with a plethora of choices like network patch cables available in nine different colors. Furthermore, the keystones are also available in three different termination styles. Even with so much variation and options, the shelves of Networx™ never run dry. They have an abundance of products ready to be shipped. This ensures instant delivery of both small and large orders instantly. To top it off, Networx™ stands behind their products, by providing a lifetime warranty on their cables and networking devices.

“We are thrilled to work with ComputerCableStore™ as the website has gained an online reputation by providing amazing customer service”, said George McDowell an executive member at Networx™.

“We are sure our customers will quickly see the added value Networx™ will provide to our current offering”, said Jeramie Cavanaugh the webmaster of ComputerCableStore™. “The brand knows how to keep its customers happy”, he added.

Customers interested in knowing more about Networx™ and what ComputerCableStore™ has to offer can contact Sales at ComputerCableStore™ or visit directly and browse through the marketplace.

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