Mini Cat 6 Bulk Cable - Stranded, White, Riser (CMR), Unshielded - 1000 FT

SKU: 2225


Slim down with this Mini CAT6 Bulk Cabling. Smaller diameter than standard bulk cable allows for greater airflow in cabinets... read more

Superior DataMax performance is now available with a 28awg reduced diameter profile engineered specifically for patching and top of rack applications in Category 6 systems.

Not officially recognized by the TIA in the 568.C standard due to the smaller gauge copper conductor, it will meet Category 6 plug to plug electrical and transmission parameters up to 55 meters.

This smaller more flexible design improves cable density and provides less cross sectional area promoting increased air flow to maximize rack ventilation.

This CAT6 bulk cable easily handle bandwidth intensive applications and more.

  • 28 AWG Stranded Tinned Copper
  • Twisted Pair Construction
  • PVC Jacket
  • Slim Design
  • 68% the size of standard CAT6
  • 48% smaller cross sectional area
  • Increased Flexibility
  • Improved Cable Density
  • Promotes Maximum Air Flow
  • Applications:
  • Top of Rack
  • Patching Solutions
  • High Density Installations
  • Temperature Sensitive Spaces
Products specifications
Color White
Cable Type Cat6A
Core Stranded
Conductor Copper
Wire Gauge 26 AWG
Manufacturer Quabbin® Wire & Cable Co., Inc.
Shielding UTP
Cable Rating Riser
RoHS Compliant Yes
UL Listed Yes
Made in USA Yes
Length 1000 FT
SKU 2225
Weight (Lbs) 30.00