ComputerCableStore™ Announces USB to HDMI Adapters

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Computer Cable Store™ is a leading online marketplace for all your connectivity and network solution needs. With its huge satisfaction quotient, Computer Cable Store™ has emerged as an online store that the customers have come to trust and believe in.

Computer Cable Store™ has recently launched a new display shelf which houses USB to HDMI adapters with audio from the popular maker Vivid™. “Our customers will surely love this addition. It is by far one of the most handy adaptors that people can use in their daily routines” said George McDowell, marketing executive with Computer Cable Store™ on being asked the reason for the addition of this new commodity line.

The Vivid™ USB to HDMI adapters are versatile devices. You can use them anywhere and in any way you want. However we have seen that customers mainly use it for adding an extra monitor or HDTV to their workstations as it increases the available space and management”, stated Jeramie Cavanaugh, product manager at Computer Cable Store™.

So, is the adapter only for the power-users like designers and engineers who need more space? “No not at all. A person can have many reasons to attach another screen to their desktops. They just have to plug the USB into the system and attach the HDMI end to the HDTV or monitor. And there you are with an increased canvas for watching movies or casual gaming”, said Jeramie Cavanaugh.

Regarding questions about the versatility of the device, George McDowell said “You need not use it only to add monitors. Our adapter supports audio as well. Just connect the Vivid™ USB to HDMI adapter to the high definition speakers and insert the USB end into the player and there you are. Clear and amazingly rich sound, served so easily and efficiently.”

Well, there surely are a number of application opportunities that arise because of the Vivid™ USB to HDMI Adapters. “Customers know how experienced the Vivid™ brand is in relation to electronics and tools. And of course there is also our own cash back guarantee”, emphasized George McDowell. This might lay to rest the second thoughts many have while buying from online stores. Computer Cable Store™ surely seems to be doing it the right way.

For more information on the Vivid™ USB to HDMI adapters with audio customers can visit the Computer Cable Store™ website or can alternatively contact the staff. The team at Computer Cable Store™ is also available for an online chat.

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