ComputerCableStore Adds Shielded CAT6A 10Gbit Ethernet Cables to Online Offering

Friday, September 18, 2015

The Shielded CAT6A 10Gbit Ethernet Cables have the best-in-class performance, speed of termination with the security and robust noise immunity and unparalleled usability shielding cabling system: the cutting edge of all categories of 6A cabling.They enable 10Gbit data transmission over a 4-connector twisted-pair of copper cable for over 100 meters, while remaining fully backward compatible with the existing 10/100/1000 fast and Gigabit Ethernet networks. The Shielded CAT6A 10Gbit Ethernet Cables extend the electrical specification from 250MHz to 500MHz, which exceeds CAT6 specifications. The category 6A performs at improved specifications, especially in the area of alien cross-talk as compared to category 6 unshielded twisted pair, which normally exhibits high noise at high frequencies.

The Shielded CAT6A 10Gbit Ethernet Cables are carefully crafted using high quality cables, which consist of over 26 AWG conductors, overall Mylar shields, 4-shielded twisted copper pairs, double rich colored PVC jackets and spline. This means that the cables are extremely shielded from internal and external crosstalk.

The ComputerCableStore shielded CAT6A 10Gbit Ethernet Cables have the highest margins on all ISO and TIA performance requirements, including critical alien crosstalk parameters, and can handle bandwidth intensive applications. Because of the high speed of 10Gbit transmission, alien crosstalk is very big problem and therefore individually shielding the pair is the best way to prevent alien crosstalk or protect your data from harmful signals. In fact, shielded CAT6A 10Gbit Ethernet Cables are currently the fastest of the Ethernet standards.

With data, voice, security and video capabilities, shielded CAT6A 10Gbit Ethernet Cables are ideal for network installation that demands high transfer speed. Whether you are wiring your office, home or institutions, this is actually the right solution for you. Additionally, shielded CAT6A 10Gbit Ethernet Cablescan be used in environments where extra protection from outside interference is needed. This can be transformers, heavy machinery, generators or other equipment that has a high degree of electromagnetic interference. They are available in many lengths and colors to assist with network organizing and identification.

Shielded CAT6A 10Gbit Ethernet Cables are designed for: servers, network adapters, video processing/editing, high-end workstations, high performance cluster computing, hubs, visualization, switches, cable modems, patch panels, routers 10Git LAN ports and other computer networking that support shielded CAT6A 10Gbit Ethernet.

If you think you might upgrade to the shielded CAT6A 10Gbit Ethernet cables, then ComputerCableStore has all your needs covered. All the cables are in stock and you can shop 24/7 from anywhere. Remember, the company has the quality bulk cabling you need from the world's best manufacturers, guaranteeing quality at affordable prices.