Computer Cable Stores Announces The Addition of B.E.S. Manufacturing Products to Online Offering

Friday, October 14, 2016

From wire pulling rods to drill bits, these B.E.S Manufacturing products are designed to make the running of wires and cables easy for both professionals and newcomers in the industry. This in turn saves them time, makes their operations faster, and hence saving them money.

B.E.S manufacturing is a leader in the designing and manufacturing of tools that are aimed at making difficult installations easy, and impossible installations possible. Many electrical jobs require the retrofitting of wire and this can be a difficult task without the right tools. With this addition of B.E.S Manufacturing tools such as flex bits and spade bits to the Computer Cable Store, installers can now easily handle such tasks and hence save on time and money.

The B.E.S Manufacturing products have been tested and approved as per the government standards, ensuring that they are safe for use both in the country and beyond. They are made here in the USA so shipping costs are low and therefore you can get them at exceptional prices.

Computer Cable Store have over the years offered exceptional service and products relating to computer cables, connectivity solutions and adapters. Over time, they have proceeded to innovate and venture into different product markets with their products selling throughout the US and the globe as well. And now with the announcement on the addition of B.E.S Manufacturing products to their online offering, Computer Cable Store customers can enjoy a larger portfolio of product offerings.

Some of the new product additions that Computer Cable Store will be offering from B.E.S Manufacturing include spade bits, flex bits, jobber bits, bell hanger’s bits and the coated fiberfish II kit. To see more of the B.E.S manufacturing product additions, visit

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