Computer Cable Store™ Releases its Quarterly Sales Figures

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Trend reviewers have named Computer Cable Store™ as an online hardware store with a very high query rate in Google’s search index. At a recent conference Computer Cable Store™ announced the release of their segment of Networx™ computer cables.

“It has been a good quarter for Computer Cable Store™. Computer Cable Store™ has seen an overall growth of 7% in the sales since the last quarter of 2013. For an online portal, the market reviewers at Computer Cable Store™ say that it is a very good jump,” said George McDowell, marketing executive with Computer Cable Store™. “Computer Cable Store™ mainly deals with the computer cables from Networx™. However, the recently added TV Wall mounts and Tablet Wall mounts have brought in customers, who have in turn boosted the sales percentage by almost 11%. Computer Cable Store™ will surely develop this segment further along with other accessories like the HDMI to DVI adapters.”

The attendees analyzed the data from other companies who had released their figures. However, they noted that the sales figures of Computer Cable Store™ were a notch above the competition. George McDowell said, “Computer Cable Store™ analyzes what the current need of the customers’ is. Creating these particular niches fuels the sales of Computer Cable Store™. For example, the USB to HDMI cable adapter has contributed a major 25% to the overall rise is sales. Similar is the case with the other cable adapters that Computer Cable Store™ offers.”

“The main stronghold of Computer Cable Store™ is in the field of computer cables. The Networx™ Computer cables, like always, have added a wholesome 72% to the overall growth. Within the computer cable segment, the highest sales are of the Cat5 and Cat6 cables with the optic fiber cables showing a 25% addition to the growth,” said Jeramie Cavanaugh, product manager at Computer Cable Store™. When asked as to the diverse cable converters on the portal, George McDowell replied, “As reported before, the sale of USB to HDMI has been the highest, shortly followed by the HDMI to component converter which has contributed almost 10% to the sales rise.” George McDowell added when inquired about the sales of their niche cables, “The coaxial cables have maintained an almost even growth rate since last year. However, the sales figure of the optic fiber cables has seen an unprecedented growth. Computer Cable Store™ will look into this as this might become the next trend in various cabling situations.”

The analysts present in the conference noted that these were impressive sales figures, given the status of Computer Cable Store™ as an online hardware store. “Computer Cable Store™ seems to have grasped the mantra of consumer satisfaction,” said one of the trend specialists present at the conference. “Such sales figures mean that the customers are satisfied with what Computer Cable Store™ has to offer.” And surely enough, the testimonials of satisfied customers on the website relay a similar trust quotient.

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