Computer Cable Store™ Releases a Range of Networx™ Cat5e Patch Panels

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Many online market storefronts have added new products to the stock after the initial quarters. At a recent conference, Computercablestore™ announced the release of a segment of Networx™ Cat5e Patch Panels.

“Though the main emphasis of Computer Cable Store™ is on bulk and computer cables, the company recently decided to stock the accessories which the customers usually require along with them,” said George McDowell, marketing executive with Computer Cable Store™. “For this very reason, Computer Cable Store™ is stocking Cat5e Patch Panels from this quarter. These are one of the main accessories which the customers look for, after purchasing the Cat5e cables. Computer Cable Store™ wants to become a go to store for all the cabling needs.”

On being inquired as to what the function of these patch panels was, George McDowell said, “In most scenarios, where the customers buy cables in bulk, they are trying to setup a network for their SOHO or other networking offices. The basic structure of Networx™ Cat5e Patch Panels consists of a plate with identical connectors on one face and ports that connect to a switch on the other.” George McDowell further explained, “The users can thus control a large number of outputs via just one switch. There is a huge possibility of interconnecting networks or making the whole setup more flexible and thus error free.”

The members of the conference asked about the ease of use of the device. Jeramie Cavanaugh, product manager with Computer Cable Store™ explained, “At first, it does sound complicated. But the customers can relax. Once a technician finishes the initial connections, the professional will relay the basic instructions on operating the Cat5e Patch Panel. After a few hands-on sessions, it will become easier to operate for the customer.

One of the attendees familiar with the Computer Cable Store™ storefront asked as to the variability offered by Computer Cable Store™, regarding the Networx™ Cat5e Patch Panel. Jeramie Cavanaugh explained, “As with most of the storefront, the Networx™ Cat5e Patch Panel also comes in different makes. Depending on the complexity of their cabling requirement, the customer can opt for either 16 ports, 24 ports or 48 ports. This gives the customers the freedom to buy according to the need.

Computer Cable Store™ also added that other types of patch panels will also be introduced depending on the success of the Networx™ Cat5e Patch Panels. George McDowell stated, “Buying from Computer Cable Store™ is hassle free as it has stringent consumer protection in place. Also, the Cat5 Patch Panel has undergone stringent security checks and passed the universal standards of durability and safety.”

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