Computer Cable Store™ New Product Announcement - DisplayPort to VGA Adapter from Vivid AV®

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The adapter allows a user to transmit data from DisplayPort equipment to an existing VGA monitor. It has excellent analog to digital conversion, so the user can plug it in and then forget it. It features low-power operation and support for resolutions up to WQXGA. It allows users to maintain their speed while connecting fiber optic Internet speeds with their VGA devices. Vivid AV strives to maintain the same quality in the DisplayPort to VGA adapter that it displays in all its other products.

According to PC Magazine, several leading technology companies, including Lenovo, Samsung, LG, Dell and AMD have announced that DisplayPort and HDMI technology is being adopted while older VGA, DVI and FPD-Link devices are being gradually phased out.

DisplayPort is the first display interface to use primarily packetized data transmission, a technology seen in other well-known data transmission types such as USB and Ethernet. It allows for ever-faster communication between devices while maintaining the higher bandwidth demanded by todays high-definition displays. The new adapter allows users to make use of new DisplayPort source devices while enjoying the savings of using existing VGA monitors.

Because this relatively new technology has several advantages over the older signal types, many people are making the switch to keep up with the best of technology in a competitive business world. Vivid AV® wants to ensure that its customers can maintain their connections through differing devices with the use of adapters.

DisplayPort devices include all of the most modern devices. As specialists in home theater installation as well as installations for commercial businesses, the Vivid AV® team knows that its customers have a wide variety of devices and want to be able to connect between them while they continually upgrade to the latest technology.

Along with the companies listed above, more than two dozen other major technological suppliers produce products using the DisplayPort and HDMI video connectors. The speed and quality of this transmission type along with its backing by so many corporations ensures it will continue to grow in importance in the future.

Vivid AV® has more than 15 years of experience in providing the best AV technology possible. They specialize in home theater installation accessories and complete audio video cabling. They know that their customers expect only the best in AV products and services and are proud to continue to meet or exceed high expectations.

Vivid AV's devices have applications in boardrooms, classrooms and in home theaters. Companies and individuals rely on quality AV products again and again for their needs and are never disappointed by the products offered at Vivid AV®.

Vivid AV® takes pride in providing the best quality for an affordable price and continues this tradition with their new DisplayPort to VGA adapter.

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