Computer Cable Store is Now Accepting PayPal

Friday, October 14, 2016

Quakertown, PA: The Computer Cable Store is proud to announce that they now accept online orders payable through Paypal, the popular digital payment authority. The Computer Cable Store has a huge selection of discount computer cables, including audio/video, PC, coaxial and peripheral device varieties.


"I do a lot of work online," says PERSON 1, "so my main route of payment is Paypal. It's nice to order the ethernet cables I need from the Computer Cable Store without having to fish my debit card out of my wallet."


Using Paypal as a payment method promises customers Computer Cable Store a quicker checkout and the added convenience of a central storage site for personal information and purchase history. For those on a busy schedule, like PERSON 2, the two-click process and central location of prior purchases makes all the difference.


"I have a toddler and two school-aged kids to keep track of. Now that Computer Cable Store has started accepting Paypal I can keep track of all of my cable purchases in one place. When my daughter moved into a bigger room and needed longer cable for her new computer I was able to track down my previous cable order to make sure I got the right kind. It was a lifesaver!"


Computer Cable Store has always focused on providing visitors with unbeatable pricing and a wide selection of products for their networking needs. Customers can even customize their cable order to include serial/parallel cables or SVGA cable. Orders are processed and shipped often on the same day so customers don't have to wait long to receive the parts or tools they need.


Adding Paypal as a payment method is just one more way that Computer Cable Store puts the needs of its customers first. Paypal's efficient format makes it easy to move funds from bank account to digital format and back and is the preferred method for secure payments in a time fraught with identity theft. "I won't use my bank account or credit card online," says PERSON 3. "Too many people out there trying to hack into your information. I'm not afraid to shop at Computer Cable Store now that they accept Paypal."


For those who are in need of cables or networking accessories but don't want to spend a week's check in the process, Computer Cable Store is the place to go. They offer discounted cables for a variety of needs organized in an online storefront that makes ordering simple and efficient.

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