Computer Cable Store™ Announces Vivid AV™ TV Wall Mounts

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Computer Cable Store™ has yet again diversified its storefront with the latest addition of electronic accessories which they claim will attract consumers and business industries alike. Vivid AV™ TV Wall Mounts are sure to entail massive customer feedback in these times of high definition televisions and the like.

“Wall mounts for televisions, as well as monitors, have become quite common in most hardware shops and online stores today. It is mainly because of the versatility they endow upon the user. However, we at Computer Cable Store™ take it to the next level. We are offering Vivid AV™ TV wall mounts across 4 different categories. The keystone feature behind this offering is that we have tilt mounts for sale too,” said George, product executive at Computer Cable Store™. On being asked how this can be beneficial, George McDowell said, “Suppose the customer is running a store where there is a huge crowd every day. Let’s say a comic store or maybe a restaurant for example. They can easily install the Vivid AV™ Tilt TV Mount high on the wall and tilt the axis so that the television can be viewed by anyone on the premises.” And what are the benefits to the customer in general? 'Our customers enjoy this configuration when arranging a home theater environment. This setup gives an impression of an actual cinema in the living room.'

Adding to the advantages, George McDowell explained, “Viewing angles are a primary concern for the customers who want to enjoy the game or HD Blu-ray DVD. Use of these Vivid™ TV Wall mounts, pushes the television as far back as possible from the viewer, and this creates stable viewing angles from all areas of the room.” After further questions we came to know that Computer Cable Store™ is also shipping, low profile wall mounts. Customers can relax as all the TV wall mounts from Vivid AV™ are compatible with televisions from ranging from 23” to 70”.

With such wide options, Computer Cable Store™ is not leaving a single stone unturned. This recent addition of Vivid AV™ TV wall mounts is already garnering a hefty page view each day reported Jeramie Cavanaugh, the sales executive at Computer Cable Store™. “As always, creating options for our customers is our primary goal. The more diverse the options, the more satisfied are the customers. That is what drives the ideology at Computer Cable Store™.” Furthermore, Jeramie also told us that as the wall mounts are manufactured by Vivid AV™, there is absolutely no question regarding the quality of the merchandise. “Customers know that Vivid AV™ is a leading manufacturer of electronic accessories, and thus they won’t be tensed about using an online store for the purchase.

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