Computer Cable Store™ Announces Vivid AV™ HDMI to DVI Cables

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

With its name already on every cable seeker’s lips, Computer Cable Store™ is never going to rest. “From the very start, our main goal was the satisfaction of our customers. We can offer that by promoting online security and a wide variety of options. Until our customers are completely satisfied, resting will not cross our mind,” said George McDowell, the chief product executive at Computer Cable Store™.

From the launch, what we initially gathered was that the device is used to convert the complex HDMI signals into DVI outputs. George McDowell helped us in understanding further. “Initially, when plasma televisions and HDTVs came into being, the HDMI technology had not yet been patented and subsequently was not available for public use. Therefore, most of these high end devices came without an HDMI port, to receive the signals. However, a sudden boom in technology made almost every device available today, HDMI compliant. The people who had invested in the high end television sets or audio boxes felt resentful as their devices could not interact with modern Blue-Ray players and HD cable boxes.” We understand. Who hasn’t been through that phase when we weren’t able to connect our Xbox to the Plasma television?

“This Vivid AV™ HDMI to DVI cable is the solution for this exact problem. It adapts the HDMI signals from your gaming console or DVD Player or even your set top box to output frequencies that your DVI enabled HDTV or surround sound can recognize,” George added. We gather that this small cable is very handy. “Indeed it is. And the best part is that the Vivid AV™ HDMI to DVI cable is versatile. Its functionality is by no means, limited. Select any HDMI device and connect it to a DVI port via this cable and it will work universally. Our customers can fathom the wide range of opportunities.”

By the end of the launch, the assembly had started to realize the diverse options that were available with the use of these Vivid AV™ HDMI to DVI cables. However, a member of the panel asked as to the reliability of the product. Jeramie Cavanaugh, marketing manager at Computer Cable Store™ said, “It has always been the endeavor of Computer Cable Store™ to provide only the best quality products. Our regular customers are well aware of the quality of products that are manufactured by Vivid AV™. The connector pins are gold coated to provide the maximum connectivity.” Jeramie went further to add a note on the usability. “Our product, in the end, will provide the same quality as an HDMI connection, but to a DVI device. Furthermore, the Vivid AV™ HDMI to DVI cables are available in lengths that vary from 1 meter to 5 meters. These options are available to suite the diverse household setups of our customers.”

With Computer Cable Store™ taking care of all the factors in the equation, it is only a matter of time before these HDMI to DVI cables start vanishing off the shelves.

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