Computer Cable Store™ Announces Vivid AV™ HDMI to Component Converters

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

“In the initial stages, when High Definition started becoming affordable to the masses, various companies started manufacturing HDTVs to consume this HD content,” said Jeramie Cavanaugh, product manager at Computer Cable Store™. “However, in those earlier models, the only way to experience HD was via Component signals, which were actually analog. All of the leading HDTVs back then had no HDMI ports,” he explained. “With the advancement in technology, high definition could now be consumed through digital signals, i.e. HDMI.” On being asked how this product from Vivid AV™ can help the customers, Jeramie elaborated, “Most of the devices today come with peripheral HDMI ports. The Vivid AV™ HDMI to Component Converter will help you easily change the HDMI signals into Component signals.”

Of course, such technology can really come in handy these days, but what exactly is the ease of use of the adapter? “Usability of the Vivid AV™ HDMI to Component Converter is as easy as plugging in your extension cord and turning on the required appliance. All that the customer has to do is slot in the DC voltage and HDMI cable on one end and connect the other RGB ends to the Component system,” explained Jeamie. He further explicated that the supported resolutions range from the standard 480i to high definition, 1080p.

During our talk with George McDowell, a senior sales executive with the Computer Cable Store™, we were pleasantly surprised to know that the Vivid AV™ HDMI to Component Converter had a 6.75 Gbps bandwidth for HDMI input. George explained that the wide bandwidth was the main reason as to the capability of the converter to display up to 1080p resolutions. “Our customers will also receive the complete package, as we are supplying the power adapter along with the product. This is to ensure that the Vivid AV™ HDMI to Component converter is usable out of the box.'

With already so many reasons to buy this converter, George added another one. “The product is manufactured by Vivid AV™. Our customers know very well as to the quality of their products and can testify for it.” On top of that, we have been told that Computer Cable Store™ offers a 45 Day return policy for their customers. With such implementations to clear the distance between the customer and the storefront, Computer Cable Store™ is surely maturing fast as an online marketplace. Those who are interested in knowing more about the Vivid AV™ HDMI to Component converter can visit the website,

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