Computer Cable Store™ Announces Vivid AV™ HDMI Cables

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

HDMI has revolutionized the k files. HDMI de-clutters your life by allowing the use of only one HDMI cable for your home theatre and an integrated remote control. A singular, miniature but potentially nuclear powerful HDMI cable simplifies and exemplifies your life in many ways.

HDMI can be seen in use almost everywhere now. From television sets to gaming consoles, every high-end device theses days have has an HDMI port. With demand for the technology increasing day by day, it has become almost necessary to have a bundle of HDMI cables at one’s place. “We analyzed this trend and decided to offer our customers, an easy access to all of the HDMI cables,” says George McDowell, President of Computer Cable Store™.

“We are stocking the standard HDMI cable for everyday use, but just to offer superior flexibility to our customers we have every single variant of the HDMI cable in our stock,” said George McDowell, President of Computer Cable Store™.

If customers go through their website, they can see each and every type of HDMI cable stocked. The range starts from the Standard HDMI cables which are meant for daily use, to High Speed HDMI cables that have the capability to handle resolutions such as 4K and features like deep color and 3D.

George McDowell, of Computer Cable Store™ further added that, “We also have the Ethernet variations of the Standard HDMI cables namely, the Vivid AV™ Standard HDMI cable with Ethernet and the Vivid AV™ High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet. This will solve the problem of those customers who are looking for a dedicated data channel as well.”

With Vivid AV™ already a large name in the industry, Computer Cable Store™ seems to be upgrading its arsenal. Consumer satisfaction is obviously tremendous as is clear from the user reviews on their products. If the customers or readers have any further inquiries regarding their purchase on ComputerCableStore™ they can contact staff directory, on the website.

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