Computer Cable Store™ Announces Vivid AV™ Foldable Tablet Stands

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Computer Cable Store™ has recently added an accessory that they think is a requirement of most gadget gurus in today’s technology environment. The Vivid AV™ Foldable Tablet Stand is sure to take the market by the storm.

During the release, George McDowell, Senior Product Manager with Computer Cable Store™ stated that, “Along with smartphones, the techies have started to use tablets also. The fascination with these large screen devices is increasing steadily and might overtake the smartphone market in the next five years. We saw some of the attendees snapping away with their tablets in the meet too.' George McDowell continued, “The main reason for the market boom of this sector is because tablets provide a larger screen real estate than smartphones. It gives the impression of a laptop, without the extra bulk and same computing capabilities.'

Jeramie Cavanaugh, sales expert with the Computer Cable Store™ took out his own tablet from a popular manufacturer and stated, “However, with the pros come the cons. These large tablets have a slippery back plate and the large screen sizes make them highly uncomfortable to hold for prolonged periods.” George McDowell added in, “This is where our Vivid Av™ Foldable Tablet Stands come into play. The accessory is designed in a table top format that harnesses your tablet in one place. At the same time, the movable pedestal can rotate the tablet in any direction that you want, be it at an angle of 30 degrees or 90 degrees.”

“Probably the best thing about the stand is that the harness can be adjusted over a wide range of 26 to 44mm,” said George McDowell. “This makes sure that any tablet can be accommodated. Be it your iPad or your Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, our Foldable Tablet stand will hold it all. This gives our customers the extra relief of the Vivid AV™ Foldable Tablet Stand being a one-time investment.” Vivid AV™ uses high quality silicon material in the feet to maximize friction for stability and adjustability. The turnstile on the feet allows a zero degree fold too, so that our customer does not have to detach the harness while carrying the tablet. With such a versatile accessory, Computer Cable Store™ has surely raised the bar for other online storefronts.

With Computer Cable Store™ taking care of all the factors in the equation of versatility, the Vivid AV™ Foldable Tablet Stands are sure to take the market by the storm soon.

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