Computer Cable Store™ Announces HDMI Splitters

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Computer Cable Store™ has recently started stocking Vivid AV™ HDMI splitters on its website. “With the interest in HDMI devices increasing by the day, we have decided to add HDMI splitters to our arsenal as we can see a huge increase in demand of this merchandise in recent years.” said Jeramie Cavanaugh, manager at Computer Cable Store™.

HDMI splitters are mainly used for splitting a single source signal to multiple HDMI devices in your residence or office. “Suppose a customer has a cable box. Going by the book, they can connect the cable box to only one of their HDTVs. However, if they use an HDMI splitter, the signal can be distributed to up to four different HDTVs. That is what an HDMI splitter does for you.” said George McDowell, product manager with Computer Cable Store™. Recently, with the household emergence of HD technology and televisions and audio devices with HDMI technology, sale of HDMI splitters has gone up. Analysts say that this is not an uncommon trend, as people want to manage different devices from a single output without much hassle. Computer Cable Store™ seems to have tapped into this psychology of the customer, and is delivering these HDMI splitters from Vivid AV™, just a click away.

“All of our products have passed strict certifications and have been tested OK. There is hardly any chance of a product being faulty. However, we know that the customer knows best. And thus, we provide them with our 100 percent satisfaction guarantee 45 day return policy.” said Jeramie Cavanaugh. However the policy is a cherry on the cake, as is clear from the customer reviews on the website.

“We get queries asking questions like, ‘do these splitters degrade quality?’. Though we have the highest quality products that have no way of serving low quality output to our customers, the Vivid AV™ HDMI splitters have an inbuilt amplifier that helps in increasing the amplitude of the signal so that no kind of degradation or attenuation takes place.” said George McDowell.' At the same time, this allows the customer to use the Vivid™ HDMI splitter well over the 15 feet limit.”

Computer Cable Store™ stocks two types of these Vivid™ HDMI splitters. One has two ports and the other one has four output ports. So, the customers can only pay for what they need.Customers interested in knowing more about the Vivid™ HDMI Splitters offered by Computer Cable Store™ can contact the staff or visit directly, from your browser.

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