Computer Cable Store™ Adds Vivid AV® HDMI High-Density Feed-Through Patch Panels

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Vivid AV® HDMI High-Density Feed-Through Patch Panels have been added to The Computer Cable Store’s already vast array of network cabling solutions.

Whether for business, professional or private home use, customers that buy HDMI cables in bulk generally look for patch panels and connectors next. In this scenario, where customers are looking to set up a network for their high density needs in office or large applications, they can acquire the needed accessories in one convenient shop online.

HDMI panels from Vivid AV® will maximize video network performance while keeping pace with the fastest changes to it. They are incredibly durable, manufactured with black electrostatic powder-coated steel, enabling them to withstand the most extreme conditions.

'Though the main emphasis of Computer Cable Store™ is on bulk and computer cables, the company recently decided to stock the accessories which the customers usually require along with them,' said George McDowell, marketing executive with Computer Cable Store™. 'For this very reason, Computer Cable Store™ is stocking these HDMI Patch Panels.'

3D has been growing in popularity and demand is increasing for use in the home theater and gaming markets. Vivid AV® High Speed HDMI Cables support 3D video formats.

These Vivid AV® panels always come with high quality feed-through couplers. They are designed to save space which means they fit nicely in a standard 19' cabinet. They are easy to install, durable and support the high demands imposed by the savvy consumer. Supporting high speed, heavy traffic load and frequent changes to your network’s demand, Vivid AV® HDMI High Density Feed-Through Patch Panel is an exciting addition to our vast and growing supply of computer cable and network product lines.

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