Computer Cable Store adds Networx Speed Termination Punchdown Tool and Jacks to Online Offering

Friday, May 20, 2016

Computer Cable Store leads the way with the addition of state of the art speed termination jacks and tools to help reduce the amount of time it takes to terminate a keystone jack. The key advantage to using these is that installation time goes so much faster on bigger projects.

Computer Cable Store is currently a great source for obtaining discount computer cables to include PC cables, Audio cables, peripheral device cables, coaxial cable, ethernet network cables, fiber cables, various adapter and connectors at wholesale prices. What is more, they offer speedy, same day shipping and live customer services.

It is mind blowing to see just how much effort these computer wholesalers put into coming out with newer and better products to the benefit of their customers. Their full commitment is a sure indication as to the kind of service you can expect from them at all times. Computer users are always on the lookout for ways to save on costly repairs and would welcome the latest addition offered by Computer Cable Store. Both distributors and retailers will profit from offering products like these to their customers.

Each of the computer products and accessories provides at least a one or two year manufacturer's warranty. Other advantages include 24/7 toll free access to the customer service desk of Computer Cable Store where users will receive superior services and support to the extent that they will not be saddled with the hassle of having to return incorrectly supplied products for a replacement.

For added flexibility, the computer company who purchased products from Computer Cable Store can obtain coverage at any time from the initial purchase of the supplies up to 60 days before to manufacturer's warranty is about to expire. What is more, every contract is backed by a top insurance company to ensure peace of mind.

Computer Cable Store is your one stop source for computer cables, adapters and connectivity solutions, and their latest addition, speed termination jacks and tools. Their mission is to ensure that every customer visit is a productive one as they always exceed expectations by surpassing standard customer services levels.