Computer Cable Store adds Full Line of Vivid AV XLR Audio Cables

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

These audio cables come in a wide range and include XLR conversion cables for mono plugs, RCA plugs and stereo plugs. These cables are great for any PA systems and other live audio needs. They are also offering a wide variety of connectors that can be used for a whole range of situational needs.

Vivid AV is a leader in the designing and manufacturing of audio cables aimed at making connections for PA systems and other works easy and efficient. PA systems need different configurations to make them work as they are required to. This can only be made possible with the right use of well-designed audio cables. With this addition of a full line of Vivid AV XLR Audio Cables to the Computer Cable Store online offering, all individuals dealing with audio systems can now have an easy time doing their connections.

Vivid AV XLR Audio Cables have been tested and certified for use both in the local and foreign markets. They have been known to withstand the test of time and work well above the set government standards. The cables are manufactured here in the USA to ensure that there are no shipping costs transferred to you, hence you will get them at highly affordable prices.

Computer Cable Store have been a leading retailer of reliable products over their online offering. Their high level of exceptional service and quality product offerings has seen them amass a huge positive reputation both from their past and current customers. Computer Cable Store are widely known for their offerings on computer cables, adapters, and connectivity solutions. However, they have sought to diversify their online offerings by introducing more products to their online portfolio such as the B.E.S Manufacturing products. And now with this announcement on the addition of Vivid AV XLR Audio Cables to their online offering, their customers can now enjoy a wider range of products to choose from.

Some of the products that Computer Cable Store will be offering under the full line of Vivid AV XLR Audio Cables include; the XLR Female to ¼ Mono Plug, XLR Female to 3.5mm Stereo, XLR Female to RCA Male Plug and XLR Female to Two RCA Female plugs.

Most of these cables work in an almost similar way but their conversion settings as well as length and design differ. For example, the 'XLR Female to ¼ Mono Plug' helps you to easily convert an XLR Female connection to a ¼ Mono Plug, the 'XLR Female to 1/4 Stereo Plug' helps you to easily convert an XLR Female connection to a 1/4 Stereo Plug while an 'XLR Female to RCA Male Plug' helps you to easily convert an XLR Female connection to an RCA Male Plug. To see more on these Vivid AV XLR Audio Cables additions, visit