What is UL?

Underwriter Laboratories (UL) is a global independent safety science that inspects, tests, advises, trains, audits, certifies and validates various products of different companies across the world. UL is dedicated to promoting safe working and living environments, facilitate trade and providing peace of mind. The company is responsible for accrediting consumer products based upon the standards set by major consumer safety organizations. Its precise, thorough and independent methods have contributed to the confidence and integrity, and have made the mark the most trusted and recognized symbol of safety globally.

UL operates under its own authority as not-for-profit, independent and nongovernmental organization. It provides a wide spectrum of quality and conformity assessment services to manufacturers and several organizations. It also offers educational materials to consumers and work to strengthen safety system globally. UL acknowledges that the labeled products are recognized as complying with the industrial standards and deemed as safe to use. However, UL does not test each product, it authorizes the manufacturers to test their products and apply the certification mark themselves. Fortunately, UL normally conducts a follow-up service and do periodic audits to make sure manufacturers are following the right procedure in testing their products.

What the UL Certification Mark Means to Customers

The fact that UL is a third party, independent, not-for-profit organization, with no financial interest in the products it evaluates, consumers are therefore confident that the certification mark or seal of approval on manufactured products are not just a superficial sales strategy, but an actual indication of operational safety of products. In short, it means customers can expect high quality and best standard with every product with a UL certification mark. The mark is a true sign that the product meets performance requirements and major consumer safety organizations' requirement.

The UL certification mark standards assist customers with the application process, correspondence and translation as well as coordinate the exchange and review of test data. In fact, the certification means the manufacturers have met the strict standards of product safety, and therefore enhances the perception of customers. UL's certification mark shows and extends commitment to help solve emerging compliance challenges and bring only superior, safer products to the market.

Benefits of UL Listed Product to Customers

To customers, UL listed computer products indicate that they are buying products that have been evaluated and tested by an accredited independent organization. This means that UL has reviewed the manufacturing process of the particular computer product and concluded that the final product complies with the international safety standards. Here are a few benefits of UL listed products to customers:

  • The UL listing certifies that there is a high level of reliability and the product is high quality
  • It enables customers to feel secure about purchasing a product that is in compliance with the right National Electrical Code requirements, assuring that it's safe and reduces the risk of potential injuries
  • It builds the confidence of customers, because UL listed products are truly up-to-date, durable and can be trusted
  • Customers can be assured that the raw materials used in making the electrical products are also certified by UL
  • Being UL listed means that the research and development capabilities of the manufacturer has also been checked by UL

Overall, in computer products, UL mark is very important. It is one of the most trusted safety symbols in the world and shows that a manufacture have gone the extra steps to ensure the quality and safety of the products.