What is a Coaxial Cable?

Coaxial Cables are also referred commonly as coax or RF Cables. The main purpose of coaxial cables is for the transmission of radio frequency signals (RF signals). There are various reasons for which one could use a coaxial cable. Some of the more obvious purposes are:

  • Connecting radio transmitters with their antennas
  • Receivers can also be connected to their antennas via coaxial cables
  • Coaxial cables play a major role in network connectivity
  • The most common use being in the distribution of cable television to your home

A coaxial cable is made of two layers of conducting wire. The signal is transmitted by reflection from one conductor and then back to the other. This unique architecture of a coaxial cable is also its greatest advantage. Whenever a wire transmits signals, an electromagnetic field is set up around it. This electromagnetic field can wreck havoc on your other communication devices and might also lead to signal loss also called attenuation. However, with a coaxial cable what is inside the cable remains within the cable. So, none of the above mentioned problems need to be troubleshot. ComputerCableStore™ houses state of the art Coaxial cables for setting up your own network or using it for cable service purposes. Whatever the need be, ComputerCableStore™ will provide you with Coaxial cables that will outperform their price tag. The coaxial cables provided by us are completely shielded for a versatile functionality. At the same time we provide our customers with state of the art regulation clearances to give them the satisfaction that they are buying completely genuine and tested merchandise. ComputerCableStore™ stocks various types of the standard coaxial cable which are unique in their purpose. This further helps us in our effort to provide maximum flexibility to our customers.

RG-58/U Coaxial Cable – Shielded, Solid PVC

ComputerCableStore™ provides its customers with the RG-58/U Coaxial Cable which is most commonly employed in data transmissions and ThinNet networks.

RG-59/U Coaxial Cable Shielded, Plenium

ComputerCableStore™ presents its customers with the RG-59/U Coaxial cable which is commonly used in security systems and video display applications such as standard cable television. This particular RG59/u Coaxial Cable is plenum rated to ensure compliance with the building fire code.

RG-59/U Coaxial Cable Shielded, Riser

The main advantage of this Coaxial Cable is that the customer can terminate it with their choice of BNC or F-Type connectors. To read more on how to terminate your coaxial cables you can have a look at the article explaining the procedure.

RG-6/U Coaxial Cable

We store a number of cables relating to this category. Our customers can have a look at the wide range in our store. As most of our dedicated customers already know, ComputerCableStore™ has a large in-house production department that makes custom cables as per our customers’ orders. So at Computercablestore™ you can either purchase bulk coaxial cables which you can assemble according to your needs later on. Or, if you don’t want to get into the hassle of assembling the cables on your own, ComputerCableStore™ will supply you with the already assembled ones. For more information n this, please visit the storehouse.