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RG6 3.0 Ghz Coaxial Cable - Dual Shielded, OSP, Reel, Black - 1000 FT

1000FT of Dual Shielded, Black, OSP, Coaxial Cable on a reel is perfect for HD antenna, digital cable television (CATV), (MoCA) network and digital satellite (SATV) installations. Read More
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RG6 Dual Shielded Outdoor 3.0 GHz Coaxial Cable is a UV rated cable 75 ohm for indoor use. Perfect for HD antenna, digital cable television (CATV) and digital satellite (SATV) installations. The RG6 dual shielded cable is constructed of 18 AWG copper clad steel center conductor surrounded by a foam polyethylene dielectric. The dual shielding is comprised of a 120% coverage of bonded aluminum foil shield and 60% coverage tinned copper braid. The cable is constructed to meet UL standards is ETL verified and is sweep tested to 3.0 GHz. Wooden Reel packaging with center hole for cable stand mounting also with footage markings on the jacket. Terminate cable with F – Type, BNC and RCA connectors either crimp type or compression type connectors. Compress type connectors Recommend.
Products specifications
Color Black
Cable Type RG-6
Shielding Dual Shield
Wire Gauge 18 AWG
Core Solid
Conductor Copper Coated Steel
Dielectric Material Foam PE
Environmental Space Buried
Length 1000 FT
Weight (Lbs) 20.60
Availability In stock
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