8 Inch, 10 Inch, and 12 Inch Combo Pack Releasable/Reusable Cable Tie - 30 Pack

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The RTZ Releasable Cable Tie is the revolutionary new cable tie from RETYZ™. This design combines the high strength of nylon zip ties with a newly designed Releasable head... read more
RETYZ 30 Piece Multipack!

Contains the following parts

EVT-S08BK - 8 Inch EveryTie Black - 10 Pcs
EVT-S10BK - 10 Inch EveryTie Black - 10 Pcs
EVT-S12BK - 12 Inch EveryTie Fluorescent Black  - 10 Pcs

Make it quick. Make it easy. 

The EveryTie Releasable Cable Tie is the revolutionary new cable tie from RETYZ™. This design combines the high strength of nylon zip ties with a newly designed Releasable head. How easy is it to release this new cable tie? It takes only TWO fingers to squeeze and pull. That's it! That means no more cutting away zip ties. No more nicked wires and destroyed cables. No more "releasable" zip-ties that are almost impossible to use. With the Releasable cable tie from RETYZ™, you get the best of both worlds.   
Reduce, Reuse, Save Money! 

Regular zip ties have a single-use and then get cut/removed for disposal. That means continuously spending money on new cable ties. That's not the case with The EveryTie Releasable Cable Tie from RETYZ™. This zip tie has been designed with versatility and reusability in mind and can be used and reused numerous times without losing strength or durability. That means adding or removing a cable to your well-managed cable bundles is easier than ever. Need to make some adjustments in your garden? The RTZ Cable tie has you covered.    

Easy to see. Safe to use. 

Don't let the simplicity of The EveryTie Releasable Cable Tie fool you. RETYZ™ has packed the RTZ Cable tie with features. You'll never have to worry about missing one of these ties again! Available in high-visibility neon green, you'll be able to see these ties almost anywhere. Rough edges are a thing of the past. The SafetyEdge found on The EveryTie Releasable Cable Tie was developed for repeated use. It features a rounded tail and smooth, beveled edges, which makes this tie easy on the hands and even easier to use. The Comfort Reflex Thumbpad, in conjunction with the Index Backplate, makes releasing effortless.     
  • U.S. Pat. No. 10,926,929
  • RETYZ's Cable tie showcases ergonomic brilliance, designed for one-handed use. It includes a smooth Index Backplate and a Comfort Reflex Thumbpad with round corners, enabling effortless release with a single hand. Ideal for fast adjustments, its soft structure allows comfortable repeated use. Attention to detail and user comfort makes the RETYZ Cable tie a go-to tool for numerous applications.
  • RETYZ's cable tie merges exceptional functionality and ergonomic design, ensuring an easy release under any tension. Whether dealing with tight wire bundles or high-tension cords, RETYZ is dependable. Its ability to release under varied tension levels showcases its versatility. Its design represents innovation in cable management, promising unmatched reliability and efficiency. 
  • RETYZ Cable tie excels in compact, challenging spots. Its design allows easy removal with just a pinch, minimizing wire damage—a common issue with standard ties. This saves time, resources, and prevents electronic waste, making it essential for precision-based projects in limited spaces. RETYZ ties underline the product's sustainability focus. 
  • RETYZ Cable tie, notably in UV Black, showcases unmatched resilience. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, it provides enduring durability under tough conditions. The UV Black variant resists harsh sunlight and environmental factors, amplifying its versatility and endurance, especially outdoors. This fusion of adaptability and durability affirms the RETYZ Cable tie's reliability across varied scenarios. 
Products specifications
U.S. Pat. No. 10926929
Maximum Bundle Diameter 2.16 Inch
Operating Temperature -40°C to 85°C
Minimum Tensile Strength 50 Lbs
Length Multi
UL Flame Rating 94V-2
Style Easy Releasable
Material Nylon 6/6 - General Purpose
Manufacturer RETYZ™
UL Compliant Yes
UV Protection Yes
UL Listed E513477
Package Quantity 30
Color Black
GTIN 00845425034328
Weight (Lbs) 0.10