USB 2.0 Adapter - USB A Male to USB C Female - 3 Pack
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Customer Name Guest
Works Great
Arrived fast
Customer Name John
Worked well and at the right price.
A couple broke from harsh use, but at the price they are exactly what we needed.  
Customer Name John
Perfect for what I need
Inexpensive, durable, and works as advertised.
Customer Name Guest
Fast delivery, good quality
This is a simple connector, but it arrived promptly and was reasonably priced.
Customer Name LUIS
Very useful product at a great price & quick delivery.
These things are going to come in really handy for various applications. I bought 3 5-pk's, tested all 15, no issues.
Good quality construction.
Customer Name Guest
Product is just what I needed.
These adapters were just what I needed to try to charge and repair a failed MacBook Pro; simple and small.
Customer Name Patricia
Exactly the adapter I needed, very quick service
It was a small purchase for me, but desperately needed since I couldn't get to files on an older model portable hard drive. Your service is excellent, they arrived in the mail so quickly. I'm very grateful and it has all worked out perfectly.
Customer Name Kurtis
Seems to do the job just fine.
This thing works.
Customer Name Guest
USB A to USB C adapter
Just what I was looking for!
Customer Name Guest
Repeat Customer
The first set of these adapters that I received worked so well that I ordered another set.  They're very useful if you (like I) have numerous type A USB cables that you have no other use for.  Make them USB extension cables!
Customer Name Robert "Red"
USB 2.0 Adapter
This was what was needed.
Customer Name Guest
Product I Needed Quickly Delivered
So great to have the product you need, delivered QUICKLY to your door!  Affordable too.
Customer Name Guest
adapter cable
This was what I needed.
Customer Name Guest
exactly the adapter for MacBook to USB C webcam
My new streaming webcam came USB C and it was hard to find this little adapter anywhere. Amazon was useless and stores closed so Computer Cable Store sent out in just a few days and I was up teaching on the web.  Thanks from a teacher!
Customer Name Kerri
Ordered 3 and they work great! Shipping came next morning at 10am!
Customer Name Guest
As advertised.
The adapters came on time and worked perfectly.
Customer Name Andrew
Hard to find product at an awesome price!
Customer Name Adam
Awesome product
Works like a charm.
Customer Name Guest
A great connection
Works great at a great price with great service. I am GREATFUL!
Customer Name Guest
It works well and is made well.
Customer Name Guest
Built like a rock!!
High quality connector just as advertised!!
Fast shipping!! I’ll be back!!
Customer Name Guest
They suited my needs perfectly
Perfect adapters, excellent priciing and shipped quickly.
Customer Name Nabhan
As described
Easy to use.
Customer Name HAROLD
Usb dual feamle adapter
Excellent product. Connects to USB cables great.
Customer Name Guest
Received what I ordered
I received what I ordered quickly.
Customer Name Guest
USB Connecter
Just what I ordered and it arrived fast.
Customer Name Guest
Works great
Pretty simple little adapter. It arrived fast and works great.
Customer Name Guest
Problems solved!
We have several chargers around for the USB micro and just upgraded to phones using the USB C connector. These worked.
Customer Name Guest
Usb adapter
Customer Name Victor
Very good
Very good.
Customer Name Guest
USB Adapter
I was happy to be able to find the parts I needed at a very reasonable price and were shipped very fast. Will definitely do business again.
Customer Name Ben
Great price and service
Went to Micro-Center to buy this adapter and they had a grand total of 1 in stock. The price was $6.99. Went online here and bought 40 of them for $.85 each.  A couple of days later, they were at my doorstep.  Great service, great price. Thank you.
Customer Name Guest
Networx® USB 2.0 Adapter
Customer Name Guest
Works as intended
Works as intended.
Customer Name Guest
Just what I ordered
This came promptly it was just what I ordered I have no complaints.
Customer Name Guest
Quick delivery
Little thing does just what it's supposed to do but i was more impressed with the quick delivery.  bravo!
Customer Name Guest
An EXCELLENT Device...BUT...
An EXCELLENT Device...BUT...I'm not sure I knew if I got my application right. I had a few cables INCORRECTLY placed in My process BUT this adapter STILL PERFORMED to its HIGHEST QUALITY!!!  I'm keeping these guys around!!! They’ve PROVEN THEMSELVES!!!
Customer Name Guest
Exactly what i wanted and Very reasonably priced.
Customer Name Guest
usb 2.0 AdapterU
Works for me. Very satisfied.
Customer Name Guest
Usb connector
Exactly what i was expecting.
Customer Name Guest
No problems
Worked as designed.
Customer Name Guest
Just right.
Customer Name Guest
What the doctor ordered
This is exactly what I was looking for at a very reasonable price!
Customer Name James
Usb connector
Works great and arrived promptly.
Customer Name Philip
Perfect fit
This is exactly what I was looking for. Great price, arrived quickly. Thank you.
Customer Name Guest
Great adapters
Got exactly what I ordered, fast and they work great. Thanks.
Customer Name Guest
Works great
Customer Name Calvin
It gets the job done for what I purchased it for.
Customer Name Guest
I couldn't believe the price!
Great product. I can't believe how inexpensive it was. No one sold it in the store.
Customer Name Guest
USB 2.0 Adapter
Just what I needed. Fast delivery.
Customer Name Guest
USB adapter
Customer Name Lloyd
Save money on USB 2.0 cables
PRODUCT: Networx™ USB 2.0 Adapter - USB A Female to USB B Male's will provide you with the ability to convert a USB cable's gender and connector type.

Thoughts: Best buy when you use a lot of USB 2.0 devices and need to lengthen or shorten between equipment locations.

Especially helpful with audiophiles using DAC/preamp/Headphone amp devices.

Great for converting plain USB A two ended cables for printers.

The 2.0 connectors/adaptors and becoming more rare, get them before the are harder to get. A USB 2.0 Adapter - USB A Male to USB B Male is also very helpful to have on hand.

Have fun!
Customer Name Guest
Great product great price
Product was perfect for what I needed. And price was great!
Customer Name Guest
USB 2.0 Adapter
Just what I needed and worked perfectly.
Customer Name Guest
As I expected
Quick delivery and very affordable price.
Customer Name Guest
USB 2.0 Adapter
Works as expected, shipped fast.
Customer Name Guest
Service speed
Very happy with the speed of your service
and the quality of you product.
Customer Name Guest
USB 2.0 Adapter
Just what I ordered.
Customer Name Guest
USB; female to female order
Everything as described...propt handling and delivery.
Customer Name Ying
Good product
Good product.
Customer Name Guest
USB 2.0 adapter
Good product but I did not got the results I wanted, still a good product.
Customer Name Guest
It didn't work for what I need it for. Not sure if it was just me or not.
Customer Name Guest
Positive purchase
Just as stated by supplier. Quick shipping and just what I needed.  Thanks
Customer Name Guest
The was what I ordered. The Service was great.
Everything was great accept the shipping, It cost as much to ship as the price of the product. It cost them only $.70 to ship by usps.
Customer Name Guest
Perfect fit!
Meets my needs perfectly, my solar charger.
Customer Name Guest
Works great
Works great!
Customer Name Guest
Great products
Works great for what I needed it for.
Customer Name Guest
Exactly what I needed.
After rearranging my office, I needed a longer printer cable. These adapters worked perfectly to put three short cables together to connect the printer to the computer.
Customer Name Guest
Did not work
I purchased this in order to test a customer owned instrument. The device did not work. I had to go to my client and borrow his PS2 mouse in order to complete the testing.
Customer Name Ron
Good Product
Good Product.  Have never had any problems with it.