Part 2 - Benefits of a Computer Network

A business, be it a small or a large one needs some type of networking in every tier. Be it in the export, import or marketing sector, the individuals in a company need to be networked and connected to each other in some way or the other. This increases both order as well as efficiency of the working system.

File sharing

Using CDs and DVDs are fine for file sharing. But when you consider a home business or a small start-up, ejecting and inserting drives from one computer to another becomes a laborious hassle. When computers are connected through a network, file sharing becomes extremely easy and fast. This in turn increases the output of the whole system as a whole.

Printer / peripheral sharing

This is probably one of the best ways in which a network can help your business. Through the aid of networking, you no longer have to go through the process of moving from one computer to the other to get a printout. Instead, all the computers in the network can share a single printer. This is not just limited to the sharing of printers but other peripheral devices as well such as scanners and projectors. Such a property, as you might have already noted, increases the time efficiency of the device.

Internet connection sharing

Using a business network allows everyone to share a common internet connection, especially in a small business or home business network. This means that each computer does not require a separate router. Furthermore, the company has to pay only to a single ISP. This cuts down on the internet costs.


Networks that are modified for the purpose of business startups or small home businesses have an additive plan of backup. This is most of the time overlooked. However it comes in handy during times of extreme crisis. Backup enables you to upload all your important files to a remote location amply protected. If by any accident, you were to lose all your stored data, you can access the stored backup from any computer you want.

Internet telephone service

Voice over IP also known as VoIP is a fast growing utility that is added to merchandise with the introduction of a network to your system. This application allows you to make calls over the internet, thus saving your money. Everyone is aware of the amount of communication one has to go through, so as to fix a deal or recruit an importer. All this incurs a lot of additive charges on the economy of the business. VoIP negates this from the equation.

Data Management

When the computers are connected, there is no need to feed the same files in each computer. This enables a more organized arrangement of the files. Furthermore, if one employee makes a current change to one of the files then this change is replicated in the file present within the server. This way, all the workers can get the updated file. Such an arrangement also increases the backup efficiency as the need for isolated backup of files is no longer there. Furthermore, the manager or head of the department can restrict file usage to only the authorized personnel by setting a custom password. This makes sure that not everyone can download the classified files from the server.

Staff Communication

Most business networks are equipped with an internal network which shares an internet connection, much like the people on a LAN share their connection. This is known as the intranet. Intranet increases the ease of communication as the employees can interact with each other using the company’s internal network system.

Software Integration

There are a lot of softwares in the market which are designed specifically for use with networks, be it a home or business network. These types of softwares need to be licensed with only one system on the network. Thus, this cuts the cost as the company does not have to license each and every computer. Also, upgrading one computer’s software, upgrades the software in the other computers as well.