HDMI Splitters

HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface. As of now, HDMI is one of the best technologies available to us to send uncompressed audio/video signals over cable. Today, HDMI is the most prevalent mode of connection in most high end consumer-level devices like LED television sets and Blu-Ray players. HDMI technology has become so dominant in today’s market mainly because of it’s:

  • Ability to provide excellent and top of the class output
  • Untangled access to every major device at your place as a single cable can connect your devices.
  • Huge decrease in attenuation and data loss, because of a strong and uncompressed signal.

For more information on how HDMI came to be and how it helps in elevating your user experience, please visit our Knowledge Center.

What is an HDMI Splitter?

An HDMI splitter is equivalent to a signal distributor. With a conventional HDMI cable you are capable of connecting only one sink device to the source. For example, if you have a cable box, you can connect only one of your HDTV to it. But suppose you need to connect more than one HDTV to the cable box. You are at a loss, isn’t it? That is where the function of an HDMI splitter comes into play. With an HDMI Splitter, the consumer will be capable of connecting two or more than two devices to the same source. You can imagine the consequences and the utilities of such a tool already.

  • If you use an HDMI splitter, you just need to have a single cable box
  • You can send the audio signals from your high definition players to multiple devices at once
  • You can transfer the same signals to multiple gadgets on different floors of your office

So with such flexible and diverse utilities, an HDMI splitter is indispensable in today’s scenario.

Will using a HDMI splitter cause loss in quality?

Losing signals with HDMI splitters should be a matter of concern only while using HMDI splitters of a low make. With our Vivid™ HDMI Splitters, you can lay all your attenuation (signal loss) worries to rest. The Vivid™ HDMI splitters displayed on our site are from a maker known for their quality and life. All the Vivid™ HDMI splitters have an inbuilt amplifier that is capable of increasing the signal amplitude and thus increasing the overall range of the signal. It maintains the original nature of the signal at the same time and therefore there is no loss in quality. Another important and significant aspect of our HDMI Splitters is that they can outrun the 15 feet limit of other HDMI splitters. Thus, with the amplifier powered splitters, you no longer have to limit yourself to the boundaries.

How many devices can I connect with the HDMI splitters?

We stock Vivid™ HDMI Splitters of mainly two types along with a full line of HDMI Cables. With one variant, you can connect two devices and with the other you have the option of connecting four devices to the same source, all at once. So, after all this, there is no question regarding the utility of such a tool. Think no more and just jump into our store for your own Vivid™ HDMI Splitter. It will surely untangle your life and make it easier in its own small way. That is the ComputerCableStore™ promise.