CAT5e Splitter

CAT 5e splitters are not your networking devices that can easily replace the traditional router or perhaps the switch. However, a CAT 5e does serve the purpose of splitting a single transmitted signal into two similar output frequencies. A cat 5e splitter accomplishes its purpose of splitting the frequencies when one adaptor is installed at one end of the line and the second adaptor is installed at the seemingly other end. If all this technical paraphernalia is a bunch of jargon to you then be sure to check out the point description guide. A detailed analysis of the purpose of a CAT 5e splitter is detailed in that section.

The conventional use of the CAT 5e splitters is in the SoHo networks or in other words, the small office/home office networks. Such types of phone networks and SoHo networks use only the two of the four twisted pair infrastructure. This arrangement allows the Cat 5e splitter to use the unused pairs to augment the second connection that has been fed into its directive.

These highly flexible CAT 5e splitters also support the sharing of an internet connection. However, the usability is limited to only one of the lines. This dilemma arises because of the presence of only one IP address. The Cat5e splitter does support the two connections that it promises. But the problem crops up because it uses all the four twisted pairs at the same time.

The main cost issue that a person might face while firing up a new line is maybe the cost of the new cable, be it a CAT 5e cable or a CAT 6. To another small business owner, it might be the infrastructure cost of installing the long line copper clad wire into the ceiling or the wall.

But with the CAT5e splitter, you no longer have to worry about the extra cost that goes into the back-end cost of setting up a new line. You just swap the two ends of the line with two of the CAT5e splitters and voila, your work is done. It is a perfectly economical way of strong holding the system. The Networx™ CAT5e male to female CAT 5e splitter adapter allows the connection of two networking devices with the same patch cable. The Networx™ CAT5e Splitter is ideal for splitting a high speed DSL and cable modem and Ethernet port. As mentioned above, the Networx™ CAT5e Splitter also supports one active connection at a time.

However, the power to fire up two devices with the same patch cable, far outruns this drawback.

Cat5e Splitter Wiring

Networx™ CAT5e Splitter will allow you to run 2 active network connections using a single CAT5e cable. Networx™ CAT5e Splitter allows you to run 2 active connections over a single cat5e cable by splitting the pairs into 2 separate connections. Running new cable alongside an existing infrastructure can be an expensive and time consuming endeavor. With a Networx™ CAT5e Splitter you can effectively double your network capacity by turning a single network run into 2 active network connections. Since 2 Splitters are required (one on each end) to successfully spit a network connection this product comes as a Pair of Splitters. The Networx™ CAT5e Splitter is a real saver in SoHo networks.