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Wire Pulling Rods

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B.E.S.® 18" Toolbox Kit, Coated Glowfish II (12 ft - 7-18" rods, 2 tips)

Plastic Coated Glowfish Glow-in-the-Dark Rods and Toolbox Kit

B.E.S.® 6' x 5/32" Glow Fish II Rod - Bullnose/Bullnose

Plastic Coated Glowfish Glow-in-the-Dark Rod Replacement Rod

B.E.S.® Attachment Kit 2 (7 attachments in a vinyl pouch)

Includes: LED Tip, Wisp Head, Fish Hook, Replacement Bullnose Tip, Ball Chain, Screw Tip & Pull Ring

B.E.S.® LED Tip for 3/16" & 5/32" Rods (2 pcs)

High Intensity LED Tip makes it easier to locate the rods in dark attics, basements or crawl spaces

B.E.S.® Starter Attachment Kit (Wisp Head, Hook, Bullnose Tip)

Includes: Wisp Head, Fish Hook & Replacement Bullnose Tip