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Picture of A/V Over Network Extender

ATEN A/V Over Network Extender

The VE170 A/V Over Cat 5 Extender, comprising of a VE170T Transmitter unit and a VE170R or VE170RQ Receiver unit, is a cost-effective and efficient solution for sending and receiving high quality audio and video content.
Picture of DVI Booster

ATEN DVI Booster

The VE560 DVI Booster allows extending the standard DVI transmission range by 50 m while maintaining high video quality. This allows placing a computer in a safe environment. The VE560 provides a mounting kit which enables you to easily mount the device o
Picture of DVI Extender with Audio

ATEN DVI Extender with Audio

The VE600A DVI Extender with Audio extends your DVI display up to 60 m away from your DVI source using Cat 5e cables. The use of Cat 5e cables provides a simple and reliable connection method that takes advantage of the wiring system in most modern office
Picture of HDMI Extender over single Network with Dual Display

ATEN HDMI Extender over single Network with Dual Display

ATEN´s latest offering delivers high quality videos in dual displays over distance. With VE814 HDMI Extender, your HDMI displays can be located up to 100 meters away from the HDMI source device.
Picture of HDMI Extender with IR Control

ATEN HDMI Extender with IR Control

The VE810 HDMI Extender extends your HDMI display up to 60 m from your HDMI source device using two Cat 5e cables. In addition, VE810 is equipped with IR signaling pass-through which allows the IR channel to control from the remote to local unit, to contr
Picture of HDMI wireless extender

ATEN HDMI wireless extender

The VE809 HDMI Wireless Extender extends your HDMI display up to 30 m* from the HDMI source using wireless technology.
Picture of Mini Network A/V Extender

ATEN Mini Network A/V Extender

The VE022 Mini Cat 5 A/V Extender allows you to extend the distance between your video/audio source and display devices by as much as 150 meters, using a Cat 5e cable, providing an easy way to replace heavy and expensive VGA cables. With hot-plugging supp