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Concord building fiber-optic network for electricity
Created: 9/28/2010 7:24:33 PM

As part of its plans to build a smart grid electric network, Concord, Massachusetts will be constructing a fiber-optic cable network to connect two wireless information collection devices to the city's utility office.

The two-way fiber-optic line will allow the smart grid to provide accurate reports on electricity usage in the town's households. This connection can help officials monitor electric usage spikes or diagnose any problems in the power network.

The fiber-optic cable system in Concord will be the first energy system combining both wireless transmission and gigabit passive wired services.

Concord's smart grid fiber-optic project is expected to cost $4.5 million, but will likely pay for itself over time. The new utility establishment should be able to lower overall energy consumption by monitoring usage patterns and storing unused electricity.

Smart grid technology creates a network that is capable of tracking the amount of electricity used by individual items within the large electrical grid. This makes it possible for energy to be stored when items are not in use, and applied during peak hours. It also makes it easier for officials to maintain the service, as power can be shut off to individual homes when mechanical problems occur.

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