Cat 6 Cable Bulk - Cat6 Solid, Stranded, Riser, Plenum, Shielded

Cat 6 cable (Category 6 cable) is the standard for today's high speed gigabit ethernet networks.  Cat6 cable can also support the high speeds required by the 10G-BaseT (10Gig) ethernet standard.  Cat 6 network cable is superior to cat5 cable and is completely backwards compatible with all category 5 cables and equipment.  There are three main characteristics of cat 6 ethernet cable that determine the differing types.  These are the conductor type, the shielding type, and the jacket type.

In our "How-To" section you will find step-by-step instructions on how to make Cat 6 patch cables from bulk cat6 cable.

1000FT Solid CAT6 Network Cable Spool in a Box - White, Riser (CMR) PVC 1000FT Solid CAT6 Network Cable Spool in a Box - White, Riser (CMR) PVC

1000FT Solid CAT6 Network Cable Spool in a Box - White, Riser (CMR) PVC from Computer Cable Store™ is the ideal choice for your next installation. The 4 pair 23 AWG unshielded twisted pairs and PVC jacket ensures premium data transmission. (More Info)
Solid CAT6a UTP 650 Mhz Riser Cable - Blue - 1000FT Solid CAT6a UTP 650 Mhz Riser Cable - Blue - 1000FT

ICC CAT 6A 10Gig UTP cable provides transmission performance beyond 650MHz and Alien Crosstalk requirements exceeding the industry standards and ETL Verified to TIA-568-C.2 for supporting the operation of 10Gig Ethernet applications (10GBASE-T). (More Info)
1000ft Cat6 Shielded Network Cable - Solid, STP, Gray, Riser (CMR) PVC 1000ft Cat6 Shielded Network Cable - Solid, STP, Gray, Riser (CMR) PVC

The Computer Cable Store™ 1000ft Cat6 Shielded Network Cable - Solid, STP, Gray, Riser (CMR) PVC is ideal for voice, data, video and security communications medium for your network installation where EMI/RFI interference may be a concern. Wiring your home, home office, office or even a entire college campus . . (More Info)

Cat6 Conductor Type

Concerning the conductor type, you may choose either solid cat 6 cable or stranded cat 6 cable.  Solid cat6 cable is capable of carrying data reliably over long distances because of its solid core conductors, although this type of cable has a higher probability of being damaged due to repeated flexing.  For these reasons, solid cat6 cable should generally only be used for permanent applications such as behind walls or within conduit.  Stranded cat6 cable on the other hand is great for building patch cables or for applications where the network cable may be moved or flexed because of its increased durability over solid ethernet cable.  This improved durability is due to the stranded conductor cores, however, stranded cat 6 cable is less reliable when transferring data over long distances.

Cat6 Sheilding Type

Cat 6 Cable can be either unsheilded twisted pair (UTP) or shielded in a variety of methods to protect from interference and/or alien crosstalk.  Shielded twisted pair cat6 cable (STP) has shielding around each pair of wires within the cable.  Screened unshielded twisted pair (S/UTP, ScTP) or Foiled Twisted Pair (FTP) is comprised of an overall metal foil around the collective group of cat 6 cable pairs.  Lastly, Screened shielded twisted pair (S/STP, S/FTP) provides the best protection for cat6 cable in that is is both overall foil shielded like FTP and individual pair shielded like STP.

Cat6 Jacket Type

The jacket type of cat6 ethernet cable can either be PVC (CM or CMG), Riser (CMR), or Plenum (CMP).  PVC cat 6 cable is the base type of jacketing with the lowest rating regarding flame retardancy and smoke hazard, and so is used primarily for stranded patch cables.  Riser cat 6 cable has a better rating for flame retardancy.  Riser cable is the jacket choice for cat 6 cable that will be running vertically behind walls or between floors of a building as it will help prevent the spread of fire vertically along the ethernet cable.  Plenum cat 6 cable has the best rating for flame retardancy as well as lowest smoke hazard, making it the safest type of jacketing to use when running cat6 network cable through plenum air spaces.  Consult your areas building fire codes when choosing a cat 6 ethernet cable jacket type.

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