Cat5e Cable Bulk - Solid, Stranded, PVC, Riser and Plenum Cat5 Ethernet Network Cable

Bulk Cat5e Cable (Cat5 cable) is primarily available in 3 different types, each type has a specific application. Bulk solid Category 5 cable, the most commonly used, is comprised of a Riser Rated (CMR) PVC jacket and solid core conductors.  Solid core conductors allow the cable to be run long distances while maintaining performance, but reduces the number of times it can be flexed before breaking. This makes solid cat 5 cable perfect for permanent installation applications (long runs from patch panels to wall plates) where the cable will not move much once installed.  Stranded is comprised of a PVC jacket and stranded core conductors making it very flexible. This flexibility allows it to be flexed many times with no negative effects on performance making it perfect for building patch cables.  Plenum (CMP) also has solid core conductors, but is built with a low smoke, fire retardant jacket that make it safe for use in plenum air spaces (check your local building codes for requirements).  In our "How-To" section you will find step-by-step instructions on how to make Cat 5 / 5e patch cables.

Wall Mount Hinged Bracket 2rms Wall Mount Hinged Bracket 2rms

The 19" width x 3.5" height x 6" depth, 2 rms, wall mount bracket is designed with rear openings and a hinged tab for easy cable access. eight #12 screws included in package. (rohs)

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6 Inch Blue Hook and Loop Tie Wrap - 50 Pack 6 Inch Blue Hook and Loop Tie Wrap - 50 Pack

Secure™ Brand Hook and Loop Tie Wraps are a great choice for countless applications with their simplicity, versatility and low-cost. They can be used in new building construction, network installations, home theaters, in the office, or any bundling project. Our Hook and Loop Ties are highly recommended for securing fiber optic cables; they are adjustable and don’t pinch. Hook and Loop Wraps are not only designed for cables and can be used to secure virtually anything. A wide selection of colors and lengths ensures trouble-free color coding and quick identification. Secure™ Brand Hook and Loop Cable Tie Wraps can be replaced and readjusted in almost no time and require no tools. Our 6 and 8 Inch Hook and Loop Cable Tie Wraps have a minimum shear strength of 10 lbs. and minimum peel strength of .38 lbs.

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2U Blank Patch Panel - 24 Port 2U Blank Patch Panel - 24 Port

Networx™ Blank Patch Panels offer unique problems a unique solutions. By being able to fully configure each individual port, Networx™ Blank Patch Panels allow greater flexibility during network planning and installation. These Blank Patch Panels are available in 16 1U, 24 2U and 48 3U ports and are compatible with all Networx™ Keystone Jacks and Panel Mount Couplers.

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2u Wall Mount Bracket - Hinged - Black 2u Wall Mount Bracket - Hinged - Black

Networx™ Wall Mount Brackets are a convenient way to accomplish your rack mounting needs while you save space without bulky full sized racks.  All Networx™ hinging wall mount brackets can be universally mounted with the hinging on the left or on the right to keep mounting and design decisions open ended.  Designed for all 19 inch Networx™ Patch Panels these Wall Mount Brackets are also compatible with non-Networx™ Patch Panels. Whether it's a small home installation or a huge enterprise project, Networx™ will have the solutions.

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