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BNC Terminator Plug - 50 Ohm 1% - Male BNC Terminator Plug - 50 Ohm 1% - Male

Computer Cable Store™ BNC Terminator Plug - 50 Ohm 1% - Male. Used to avoid signal interference in the form of RF signal reflection at the end of a cable or daisy chain.
The BNC (Bayonet Neill Concelman) connector is a very common type of RF connector used for terminating coaxial cable. The BNC connector is used for RF signal connections, for analog and Serial Digital Interface video signals, amateur radio antenna connections, aviation electronics (avionics) and many other types of electronic test equipment. It is an alternative to the RCA connector when used for composite video on commercial video devices, although many consumer electronics devices with RCA jacks can be used with BNC-only commercial video equipment via a simple adapter. BNC connectors were commonly used on 10base2 thin Ethernet networks, both on cable interconnections and network cards, though these have largely been replaced by newer Ethernet devices whose wiring does not use coaxial cable. Some ARCNET networks use BNC-terminated coax.

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Modular Adapter Kit - DB15 Female to RJ45 - Beige Modular Adapter Kit - DB15 Female to RJ45 - Beige

Networx™ Modular Adapter Kits offer an easy solution when needing to convert a DB connector to a Modular Connector. Using silver satin or standard round twisted pair cable, you can achieve any desired configuration. Available in multiple colors these Modular Adapters are RoHS Compliant and will meet your needs time and time again. Due to the customizable nature of Modular Adapter, all Networx™ Modular Adapter come unconfigured.

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Modular Adapter - DCE - DB25 Male to RJ45 (8P8C) Female Modular Adapter - DCE - DB25 Male to RJ45 (8P8C) Female

This is a Custom Built Adapter and is NON-RETURNABLE. This Modular Adapter - DCE - DB25 Male to RJ45 (8P8C) Female from Computer Cable Store™ is used in the following systems: the Cisco 2500 series, including the access server series (Cisco 2509 thought Cisco 2512). This adapter has an RJ-45 connector on one side and a Male DB-25 connector on the other side.
The 8 Position 8 Contact (8P8C) (often called RJ45) plugs and sockets are most regularly used as an ethernet connector. 8P8C connectors are typically used to terminate twisted pair cable.

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