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Adapters & Couplers - Coaxial Splitters, Audio / Video, Gender Changers, Etc.

SCSI 1 Active Terminator - DB25 Male SCSI 1 Active Terminator - DB25 Male

Computer Cable Store™ SCSI 1 Active Terminator - DB25 Male. Active Terminators provide a much more stable form of termination than Passive Terminators and are suitable for those longer, higher data rate SCSI cable runs.  Terminators designated as 'Active' use a voltage regulator to optimize signal voltage as opposed to those designated 'Passive', which only regulate the line impedance.

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Mono/Stereo Audio Coupler - 3.5mm Jack to Jack Mono/Stereo Audio Coupler - 3.5mm Jack to Jack

Networx™ 3.5mm Audio Couples offer a great solution for combining numerous 3.5mm audio cables into a single cable. Audio Couplers from Networx™ provide you with the ability to connect two 3.5mm Mono or Stereo Audio cables together in order to extend their length. This quality Couplers exceed in performance without an inflated price tag.

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Gender Changer - DB37 Male to Male Gender Changer - DB37 Male to Male

Use Our Computer Cable Store™.com Gender Changer - DB37 Male to Male as an inexpensive and convenient way to adapt a pre-existing cable. A must for computer resellers and field service technicians. These Adapters are fully loaded and 100% shielded.
A gender changer is a hardware device placed between two cable connectors of the same type and gender. An example is a cable connector shell with either two female or two male connectors on it (male-to-male or female-to-female), used to correct the mismatches that result when interconnecting two devices or cables with the same gender of connector.

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