USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Cable A to Micro B M/M - 3FT

USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Cable A to Micro B M/M - 3FT - U3-AMMM-03
Micro B Connector
Micro B Connector
USB A Connector
USB A Connector
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Item Number: U3-AMMM-03
Product Name:   USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Cable A to Micro B M/M - 3FT
Manufacturer: Networx™
Spec Sheet(s)  RoHS Compliant  UL Listed
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Networx™ USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Cables combine style, quality, performance and value to give a great deal on a great USB cable. The molded connectors are designed to make them easy to grip. Networx™ USB 3.0 cables are double-shielded with a dual foil and braid. The connector is surrounded by a metal shield and the cable braid is also soldered to the connector to create an end-to-end full shielding solution guaranteeing a noise-free connection. SuperSpeed USB 3.0 is 2nd revision of the ubiquitous USB (Universal Serial Bus) Standard. Clocking in at speeds up to 5 Gbit/s, USB 3.0 is a vast improvement over the USB 2.0 speed of 400 Mbit/s while being completely backwards compatible with USB 2.0.
In information technology, Universal Serial Bus (USB) is a serial bus standard to connect devices to a host computer. USB was designed to allow many peripherals to be connected using a single standardized interface socket and to improve plug and play capabilities by allowing hot swapping; that is, by allowing devices to be connected and disconnected without rebooting the computer or turning off the device. Other convenient features include providing power to low-consumption devices, eliminating the need for an external power supply; and allowing many devices to be used without requiring manufacturer-specific device drivers to be installed.
  • USB 3.0 A Male to Micro B
  • Up to 5Gbit/sec
  • PC and Mac Compatible
  • Ultra-flexible jacket; Molded strain relief
  • Foil and braid shield to guarantee an interference free connection
  • Proper current to your USB device via Heavy-duty 24AWG power wire
  • EMI/RFI interference: Metal connector shield to meet FCC requirements
  • UL listed
 Customer Reviews - Avg Rating: 5/5 (1 Reviews) - Satisfaction Index: 100%
Excellent quality. I use this cable to connect my ​Toshiba external HDD and I have not experie​nced any issues. Fits very well. On top of ​this the price is unbeatable - Try going to​ ANY big box store and paying under 3 bucks​! - Marcos O. - TX, US
Date Added:12/1/2014


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