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BNC Coaxial Compression Connector - RG-6, 20 pack

BNC Coaxial Compression Connector - RG-6, 20 pack - ICRDSB61BC

Item Number: ICRDSB61BC
Product Name:   BNC Coaxial Compression Connector - RG-6, 20 pack
Manufacturer: ICC
Price: $37.89

These compression style connectors feature excellent performance and stability in both indoor and outdoor environments. They offer outstanding performance, exceptional environmental qualities, mechanical stability, and ease of installation. Their integrated integral internal o-ring and a plastic compression sleeve reduce the potential of moisture migration and prevent possible signal degradation. They are compatible with RG-59, RG-6, and RG-6 Quad Shield cables and are designed to support a wide variety of applications ranging from CCTV to HDTV systems.
High-definition television (or HDTV) is a digital television broadcasting system with higher resolution than traditional television systems (standard-definition TV, or SDTV). HDTV is digitally broadcast; the earliest implementations used analog broadcasting, but today digital television (DTV) signals are used, requiring less bandwidth due to digital video compression.

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BNC Coaxial Compression Connector - RG-6, Right Angle, 20 pack
BNC Coaxial Compression Connector - RG-6, Right Angle, 20 pack
ICC's right angled BNC connectors are suitable for applications requiring mounting in tight corners; helps avoid excess cable stress, and promotes equipment airflow in tight corners and bends.
Price: $65.24

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