6 FT Replacement VGA Cable - 14-pin HD15 M/M

6 FT Replacement VGA Cable - 14-pin HD15 M/M - 8-1717M-006
Item Number: 8-1717M-006
Product Name:   6 FT Replacement VGA Cable - 14-pin HD15 M/M
Equivalent Replacement: AV-SVGAMM-006
Looking for high quality VGA cables without the huge price tag? Look no further! Computer Cable Store™ 6 FT Replacement VGA Cable - 14-pin HD15 M/M are just what you are looking for.  All of the Computer Cable Store™ VGA cables are Foil shielded to guarantee that your devices will operate at their peak of performance.  Our high performance VGA cables deliver a clear crisp picture that is ideal at home, in the office, in the server room, in classrooms or even in video presentations. Please Note: These VGA cables are intended for use with legacy equipment (For display Resolutions of 640x480 or less). The demands of today's high resolution displays require the performance of SVGA Cables. For displays with intended resolutions greater than 640x480 please use SVGA Cables for the best possible display quality.
Super VGA was defined by the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA), an open consortium set up to promote interoperability and define standards. When used as a resolution specification, the term SVGA normally refers to a resolution of 800 × 600 pixels. Super VGA was first defined in 1989. In that first version, it called for a resolution of 800 × 600 4-bit pixels. It was quickly extended to 1024 × 768 8-bit pixels, and well beyond that in the following years.
Super Video Graphics Array or Ultra Video Graphics Array, almost always abbreviated to Super VGA, Ultra VGA or just SVGA or UVGA is a broad term that covers a wide range of computer display standards.
The term Video Graphics Array (VGA) refers specifically to the display hardware first introduced with the IBM PS/2 line of computers in 1987, but through its widespread adoption has also come to mean either an analog computer display standard, the 15-pin D-subminiature VGA connector or the 640×480 resolution itself. While this resolution has been superseded in the personal computer market, it is becoming a popular resolution on mobile devices.
  • Six foot VGA Replacement Cable
  • Connector type: Male HD15 to Male HD15 (14 Conductor)
  • Constructed from top quality video cable
  • Foil shielded to prevent EMI/RFI Interference
  • Designed to connect to traditional VGA Monitors


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