25 FT S-Video with Stereo Audio Cable - MiniDin4 with Dual RCA

25 FT S-Video with Stereo Audio Cable - MiniDin4 with Dual RCA - 8-365-025
Item Number: 8-365-025
Product Name:   25 FT S-Video with Stereo Audio Cable - MiniDin4 with Dual RCA
Provide your Television with sharper images and quality audio using Computer Cable Store™ high performance S-Video with Stereo Audio Cable. S-Video is able to surpass Composite Video quality in that it sends signals to the TV in the same format that the TV processes them, in two separate signals for color (chrominance) and brightness (luminance). Using this combined S-Video and RCA Audio cable is a convenient way to organize the wires behind your TV. These Male MiniDin4 with Dual RCA cables are 100% shielded to prevent EMI/RFI interference, providing an excellent quality audio/video connection.
Composite video is the format of an analog television (picture only) signal before it is combined with a sound signal and modulated onto an RF carrier. Composite video is often designated by the CVBS acronym, meaning any of "Color, Video, Blank and Sync", "Composite Video Baseband Signal", "Composite Video Burst Signal", or "Composite Video with Burst and Sync". It is usually in a standard format such as NTSC, PAL, or SECAM. It is a composite of three source signals called Y, U and V (together referred to as YUV) with sync pulses. Y represents the brightness or luminance of the picture and includes synchronizing pulses, so that by itself it could be displayed as a monochrome picture. U and V represent hue and saturation or chrominance, between them they carry the color information. They are first mixed with two orthogonal phases of a color carrier signal to form a signal called the chrominance. Y and UV are then combined. Since Y is a baseband signal and UV has been mixed with a carrier, this addition is equivalent to frequency-division multiplexing.
An RCA jack, also referred to as a phono connector or Cinch connector, is a type of electrical connector that is commonly used in the audio/video market. The name "RCA" derives from the Radio Corporation of America, which introduced the design by the early 1940s to allow mono phonograph players to be connected to amplifiers.
Separate Video, more commonly known as S-Video, and sometimes incorrectly referred to as "Super Video" and also known as Y/C, is an analog video signal that carries the video data as two separate signals, lumen (luminance) and chroma (colour). This differs from composite video which carries picture information as a single lower-quality signal, and component video which carries picture information as three separate higher-quality signals. S-Video carries standard definition video (typically at 480i or 576i resolution), but does not carry audio on the same cable.
  • 25 foot S-Video (S-VHS) with Stereo RCA Audio Cable
  • Connectors: Male MiniDin4 + Dual RCA to Male MiniDin4 + Dual RCA
  • Higher Quality than Composite Video
  • 100% Foil Shielded to prevent EMI/RFI interference
  • Designed for use with DVD players, Digital Satellite, etc.


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