201 Series Snake Tray Cable Tray 4 x 6 Universal Tray

201 Series Snake Tray Cable Tray 4 x 6 Universal Tray - CM-201-6-8
Item Number: CM-201-6-8
Product Name:   201 Series Snake Tray Cable Tray 4 x 6 Universal Tray
Manufacturer: Cable Management Solutions, Inc.
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201 Series Snake Tray Cable Tray 4 x 6 Universal Tray from Computer Cable Store™. Cable Management Solutions' bendable Snake Tray is manufactured from ASTM A510 - High strength steel wire, to form a unique, completely hand bendable cable management system. Welding pre-formed steel hoops to a central 5/16” spin every four inches products Snake Tray, allowing for its unique hand bendable design, while providing easy entry and exit for cable at any point along the length of the tray. The trays are constructed from pre-galvanized wire in accordance with ASTM standards to product a resilient finish, which withstands most indoor applications, or mild sheltered outdoor environments. Snake Tray is products in standard eight foot sections and with its unique high density nesting characteristics allow for more tray to be shipped in less space than our competitors, thus reducing shipping costs and on-site storage requirements.The 201 series Snake Tray is utilized both below raised floors and overhead either mounted to walls, cabinets or suspended from the ceiling structure. Available in two configurations, single or double pocket pathway design, the 201 series tray can accommodate up to 50 square inches of cable path or 510 data cables at the NEC required 50% fill rate for ventilated cable tray. Snake Tray's unique center spine design allows the tray to be easily bent by hand to make risers and drops, create turns where needed and avoid obstacles. Mounting rings or Snake eyes are located along the center spine, allowing easy attachment of threaded rod suspended applications, and require only one connector bolt to join sections together. 98" In Length.
  • Length: 98 Inches
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